Woman: Terrible, these terrorists. Woman with 🇮🇱 flag: Yeah, right? So bad what Hamas has done. Woman: Nah, I meant Israel. Woman with 🇮🇱 flag: What? Neo-Nazi: You are betraying Germany. Man with "I ❤️ Hamas" shirt: You betray the Palestinians. Woman: You support colonialism. Woman with 🇮🇱 flag: Hey, I just want to express my sympathy for the victims of a truly barbaric terrorist attack. Woman: Oh yes, but you have no sympathy for the dead children in Gaza, or what? Woman with 🇮🇱 flag: Huh? Yes, of course. Neo-Nazi: The poor Arabs. Man with "I ❤️ Hamas" shirt: How can you support violence? Woman with 🇮🇱 flag: Hey, just because I sympathize with the victims of a truly horrible... Woman: Do you know how many... Woman with 🇮🇱 flag: ...terrorist attack doesn't mean that I somehow devalue other people. Woman: Do you know how many people die every day in the Gaza Strip from Israeli bombs? Woman with 🇮🇱 flag: Yes, the Israelis have to defend themselves somehow. What else are they supposed to do? Let themselves be exterminated? Neo-Nazi: That's actually not a bad idea now. Man with "I ❤️ Hamas" shirt: If you put it that way. Woman: Of course not. But you know, I'm on the side of people who are discriminated against and oppressed. Woman with 🇮🇱 flag: And the Jews are not discriminated against? Have you ever actually looked in a history book? I think there was something here in Germany before, wasn't there? Woman: Yes, but it's not the Palestinians' fault. Neo-Nazi: Besides, it was just a bird's-eye view. (Note: This refers to a quote from AfD leader Alexander Gauland, who said: "Hitler and the Nazis are just a bird's-eye view in over 1000 years of successful German history") The Jews, they control the secret world government. They enslave the German people. They poison our children and eat our wells. Or was it the other way around? Woman: That's nonsense, of course. But what is true is: Israel is a neo-colonial, racist, US-funded apartheid state. Man with "I ❤️ Hamas" shirt: "Free Palestine from German guilt." Woman: "From the river to the sea." Man with "I ❤️ Hamas" shirt: Kill all... Jews! Neo-Nazi: Wow, you have really correct views and I used to rant against people like you. So sorry for that. Man with "I ❤️ Hamas" shirt: You're also totally correct man. Come here! Neo-Nazi: Oooh, welcome to Germany. Man with "I ❤️ Hamas" shirt: Habibi. Here, this is for you. This is baklava, homemade. Neo-Nazi: Great, they're such sticky things, aren't they? Man with "I ❤️ Hamas" shirt: Yeah, that's really good. Neo-Nazi: Mmmm, aah. Frau: Of course I don't think that all Jews should be killed. It is enough to dissolve the state of Israel. Woman with 🇮🇱 flag: Oh yes, oh that's really gracious of you. Woman: No, you just have to understand that by flying the flag you are hurting the feelings of many people who suffer under the Israeli oppressive apparatus. Woman with 🇮🇱 flag: And what about the Jews who have just been brutally murdered, abducted and raped? Can we please talk about them? Woman: There are always victims on both sides. Man with "I ❤️ Hamas" shirt: Hey, what are we still discussing with you? Come on, let's get them! Neo-Nazi: Yes, exactly! Woman: But she also provoked it.