>Juno becomes friends with you a little too closely >Every hug headpet handhold and kiss is such a new experience to her that she enjoys it too much like a kid being fed sugar for the first time >Starts retraining her skin to have pleasure nerves whereever you touch until she starts cumming just from you touching her shoulder >One day she pushes you over a blobbo on each arm holding you there and milks your cock like a fucking tube of tubepaste for 24 hours feeding you blobbo nutrients with her mouth in constant forced deep tongue kisses claiming your entire mouth; sticky strands of salva between your mouths at all times; to keep you hydrated and fed, addicted to the feeling of pleasure she never stops fucking you until you both pass out in near death exhaustion. >She feels sorry about raping you when you wake and asks you to hit her as hard as you can over and over. You hesitate but cant resist those innocent puppydog eyes as she holds her hands together in pleading prayer. >Even just a slap sends her into whole body shivering orgasm and when you pull away and she grabs your hand with unnatural strength looking into your eyes. >"no, more, juno more" >Shes gently slapping you until you punch her back, everytime erupting in joyous giggles and moans and sickly blobbo noises and yandere laughter >"MORE! MORE! JUNO WANT MORE! JUNO HAPPY!" >Shes doing the same thing now, forcefeeding you her nutrients in mushy kisses and teasing you until you beat her nearly to fucking death as shes visibly scarred beaten and bleeding blue goo panting and giggling in happiness on the floor shivering in pleasure. >Her next match starts the next day, the crowd is shocked to see her appear clearly tainted white with a sea of something inside her and shes acting unusual on the field, "accidentally" bumping into juliette and X almost asking them to punch her. >Whenever they punch her she just giggles like a broken mental patient. >Xs brash facade breaks and holds her close while the puck isnt near them >"hey, are you ok, is someone bullying you, i can stop them you know, just tell me whats wrong" >Instead of replying she giggles from the hugs and headpets and then replies "kick me! kick juno! juno want kick!" >Her brain is regressing at this point her entire brain must just be pleasure nerves too. >the ball returns to them and X has to relent >He punches juno in the chest and kicks her between the legs as hard as he can in full hulk mode >She keels over in pain and pleasure giggling like a retard leaking a pool of blue fluid (blobbo piss?) on the field and cums live on stream before 10 million people live and across different media across the world. >The referee throws her off the field >Its clear you will both have to retire now, together in the locker rooms with no future between you you have the best *** you ever had while the roars of the rest of the match are roaring above you, shes hunting your cock like a lion chasing prey, attacking it with every single part of her body, if it gets away from her mouth she slams the side of her head on it till youre fucking her brain, if it gets away from her pussy she'll push it into her thighs instead. It doesnt matter where in her body she just wants your cock. Whenever you hug or grope her her slime greedily coils around it sinking your fingers into her as deep as possible sucking on your fingers with her entire body, her breasts ass and thighs almost alive by themselves reacting to your hands. >The rest of the team finds you half inside junos body fucking her slime core/nucleus raw while shes barely concious just starting into space giggling like a retard as one long line of slime drool falls out of one side of her mouth as shes visibly breaking down parts of her body going limp like a stroke patient. >You get put in prison when juno goes fully limp, her brain and nucleus fucked into unusuable mush with penis size holes shot through her entire body, her dead body frozen in the spitting image of true happiness eyes and mouth wide in pleasure. The dead body still lets out one last moan in nerve reflex as you pull out of her core with a slimy sticky pop. Doesnt matter had ***