Dragon Farmer Daniel inherits an old but virile dragon mule. The problem? He can't quite afford to get a hen so he can start earning money. What if he were to become one, at least partially, just so he could sell off some eggs and really start his farming business? Anonymously commissioned, and it seems that dragon farming is a really hazardous business for men! Daniel was an ordinary man. Maybe a little poor, maybe a little lonely, maybe a little stuck in a dead-end job that wasn't going anywhere. But that was life, wasn't it? Life wasn't meant to be exciting; it was meant to be a gruelling grind for survival. It could be worse; he could be one of the peasant farmers who had to choose between having money and eating at all, he told himself. Then again, the more cynical part of his mind reminded him, he could also be one of the richer folks, who lounged on their hoards of money like dragons, no doubt. Ah well, at least he owned a house, worn and rickety as it was. As a child, he'd always dreamt of owning his own dragon farm. People needed mounts, and dragon breeders tended to be obscenely rich as consequence. It seemed like a fun job, even if it was no doubt a lot of work. Teaching a dragon to fly was doubtlessly both scary and exhilarating, he mused while lying in bed on his one day off, listening to the old pipes groan and vibrate as the heating kicked in. The dream life would be if he was a dragon, though. Imagine that life! All they ever did was go on leisurely rides with their owners, and other than that, eat, sleep, and mate. Daniel hadn't gotten to "mate" in quite a few years, now, something that his quickly hardening cock readily reminded him of the moment that fantasy of being a dragon fluttered through his half-sleeping mind once again. Ah well, it didn't matter. He'd be fine. He'd be- The doorbell rang. Usually, it was a quiet sound, but when it was disrupting his morning snooze it was deafening. With a grumble, Daniel crawled out of bed and answered the door without as much as brushing his hair, hoping that his unkempt appearance would scare off whoever it was. At the door was, rather than the salesman he'd been expecting, an elderly gentleman in a suit, looking so serious that his mere appearance seemed to wake Daniel up properly as well. He cleared his throat. "Ahem. It is my great sorrow to inform you that your uncle, Sebastian..." he struggled to pronounce the last name. "...has died." "Oh. Um, yes, I'm sorry to hear that," Daniel lied. He'd met said uncle once at a family gathering when he was some five years old, and barely remembered anything about him. "Well, in his testament he stated a desire to bequeath part of his business to you. Of course, he also had children and grandchildren who will receive most of it, but as it says here..." the gentleman continued, clearing his throat again. "Ahem. And to my nephew, who always dreamt of dragons, I leave my trusted mule to start off his own business..." he intoned in a graven tone. "That's all it says. I suppose he must've died while writing it." "A mule?" Daniel asked, incredulously. "A male dragon. An intact one, usually employed a stud," the gentleman replied. He glanced around Daniel's house. "I hope you have some space for him. Dragons do like having their own territory." "Yes, the house came with a bit of land too. There's a garage..." Daniel explained. "A garage? Oh, I remember those days. I suppose it will do for a dragon as well, after some thorough cleaning," the old man smiled, a sudden nostalgia softening his stern features. "Well, sign here and we'll transport your new mule here." Daniel hesitated only for a moment. That night, before he was due to actually receive his new pet, he browsed the Internet. What had immediately come to mind was that he could start a small-scale business as a breeder himself, but as fate would have it, dragon-hens were exorbitantly expensive. The males were, too, though most listings were for younger ones. His "mule" would no doubt still be virile enough to do the job, dragons tended to remain so, but they got lazier with age. An older one wouldn't feel quite the same urge to mount and breed as the young ones did. Sigh. So, he'd be stuck with a dragon and nothing to do with it. Maybe he could offer people rides for a few coins, but then again, his mule-drake wasn't exactly a riding dragon. The mounts needed special training. Selling it was an option. It'd at least be a windfall. Yet Daniel had, as he'd apparently told his uncle when he was five years old, always dreamt of owning a dragon and running exactly this kind of business. His mind wandered in the small hours of the night. There were some options, though they were all the kind of ideas that any sane person would stay away from. From what Daniel could remember reading, humans could be fertilized by dragons as well, with some magical assistance. The fact that he was a man shouldn't matter too much; magic was like that. It never really made sense. Granted, "dragon therapy", as they called it, wasn't exactly legal, and it was highly taboo on top of that, but nobody would have to know, would they? The thought made his cock twitch in anticipation, and Daniel let out another sigh. The treatments were cheap, and he'd only have to lay one clutch of eggs to be able to afford a proper hen, and enough alcohol to forget all about ever doing it. Sometimes, you just had to make certain sacrifices to get started, didn't you? No doubt people did it all the time; there was no way that everyone could afford two dragons to start off their own breeding business. Usually, though, he imagined it was the women who shouldered that burden, but desperate times called for desperate measures. In just a few minutes of searching, he found the kind of website he was looking for. It looked like a spam email that'd somehow gained sentience and ended up as a website, with mismatched fonts and outrageous promises. The shady-looking website, that was apparently ran by a wizard, informed him - between crudely drawn representations of humans with tentacles or wings - that a single treatment would guarantee that anyone could become dragon enough to carry a clutch of eggs. There was a list of possible side effects, but Daniel scrolled past them quickly; he couldn't, truthfully, afford to take them into consideration. At least the potions were supposed to be "safe", as in, not outright dangerous to his health. Apparently, he had a "clinic" not too far away. The amount of mental quotation marks Daniel was adding was starting to become mildly alarming, as the supposed clinic looked more like a cheap apartment in the pictures. Maybe he should just sell the dragon and get out a little bit ahead. That'd really be the rational choice, wouldn't it? He'd make some money even out of a tired old mule, and he wouldn't end up doing anything that he'd regret later. Or he could buy a regular old cow - the kind with hooves and everything - and have the wizard perform his stupid therapy on that instead. Chances were that it'd just get stolen, though. He didn't live in the nicest of neighbourhoods, yet... and so, the best option was to sell, wasn't it? Yet that childhood fantasy of having his own dragon farm had sunk its hooks into his mind again, not to mention the alluring proposition of establishing a long-term source of money. He could buy a better house, and eventually a whole farm. How bad could it be, really? Daniel booked an appointment and cleaned up his garage for tomorrow's ordeals, and then proceeded to barely sleep at all that night, halfway between dreams and nightmares of the future. In the morning, he awoke to an email from the strange wizard from the website. "Greetings," the mail read, in a surprisingly professional tone. "Thank you for your interest! To make your future therapy as effective as possible, I will need a sample of your dragon(s). A few shed scales or horn shavings should be sufficient, as well as a sample of its seed." Well, that'd be simple enough. Probably- wait, "seed"? That had to mean cum, which disturbed Daniel a little since he'd apparently have to give his dragon a handjob, but on the other hand... if he didn't rethink his plans, he'd have to take the dragon's "seed" inside him anyway, so maybe it wouldn't be that bad. Well, maybe it would be that bad, but he didn't really have a choice. Daniel still couldn't quite believe he was going through with this, but there was so much money to be earned. He'd be a fool to not at least try to take the opportunity he'd been presented with. It'd be the only lucky break he caught in life, he could already tell. Soon after that, a truck pulled out in front of his house. Though dragons were far more popular than cars, these days, it was difficult to transport things - particularly other dragons - on them. Still, for someone of Daniel's financial ability, seeing them at all was rare. The stern-looking man was nowhere to be seen, only two bored workers who opened the doors and led out a black dragon. His very own dragon. "Sign here. And here. I hope you have food ready for him, he's probably hungry after that trip," one of the workers informed him, holding out a slip of paper to acknowledge that his heritage had been delivered. While Daniel quickly scanned through what the document actually said, the dragon stared at him with some curiosity. If he didn't know any better, he'd have said the drake seemed excited to be somewhere new. Daniel motioned towards the garage, and the dragon lazily walked in through the open door, laying down on the old blankets that Daniel had lined the garage withwhat seemed like endless patience. "Hope you enjoy your new acquisition," one of the deliverymen said, and then he gave Daniel a wink, whatever that was supposed to mean. On the one hand, he was tempted to ask the deliveryman what exactly he was implying, but on the other, he was about to give it a handjob, become part dragon, and then get knocked up with its eggs, so whatever the other man was thinking wasn't entirely incorrect. That didn't stop Daniel from feeling incensed over it, of course. He entered the garage and closed the door behind him, intending to get it all over with as quickly as possible. The dragon lounged there like a momentarily embarrassed king, already having gathered the blankets into a bunched-up little den, and the room felt quite a bit warmer simply from its body heat. "You don't mind if I touch you, do you?" Daniel asked. While dragons usually didn't understand what humans said, they seemed to understand enough of the simple concepts like touching, especially when accompanied by Daniel gingerly reaching out to touch the enormous beast's flank. It showed no reaction whatsoever, bar for a gentle twitch of its muscles. "Well, that's good. Good dragon, I guess," Daniel continued, mostly mumbling to himself. A couple of scales, scuffed from however the beast had lain in the transport, came loose onto his hand. Easy enough, then. Though black, they had a pleasing iridescence to them, a little like an oil slick in a puddle of water. Grooming dragons could be valuable, too; the scales were worth quite a few coins, given their natural toughness, and the mule didn't seem to mind Daniel taking the loose ones. "Well, I guess it's time for the horns," he continued, hoping that the dragon would understand. Its horns were long and curved, quite majestic, though they had lost some of their natural lustre, so polishing them was an option. The problem was that if the previous owner - Daniel's uncle - hadn't done it before, it'd be a chore and a half. The whole thing reminded him of grooming a cat, only unlike a cat, if the dragon was displeased it'd bite his head off rather than just a few painful scratches. Maybe more like grooming a horse. All the while throughout his internal monologue and anxious hesitation, the dragon stared at him with a bemused grin and seemingly infinite patience. If he didn't know any better, Daniel could've sworn it understood him, but he'd learned his lessons about believing he understood animals with the aforementioned cats. Baring the belly isn't always an invitation to rub it, he thought, but he didn't have a lot of choice, and so he fetched the finest sandpaper he had. Another subtle twitch went through his new pet as he wrapped the paper around a horn and gave it a smooth, grinding rub. The dull top layer came loose easily, and beneath it was a slick oily black gleam, just like the scales. So far, so good. Indeed, the old dragon didn't seem to mind that either, simply lounging and even giving the occasional pleasured grunt at what it surely perceived as a servant grooming it. Soon enough, both of its bigger horns were looking as good as new, and Daniel had a handful of shavings that he'd present to that strange wizard. That left only one thing. A chill went down Daniel's spine as he realized that he'd have to harvest the dragon's cum as well. He wasn't truthfully sure what he'd been expecting; you needed cum to get eggs, after all. Well, Daniel reasoned, he'd just get it over with right now. If he didn't think too much about it, it'd surely be less of a big deal. He tossed the shed scales and the small amount of horn shavings in a bag, and then hesitated again, as he was prone to do. He glanced at the dragon, who had settled down on the blankets. The dragon looked back at him. It seemed relaxed at the moment, or perhaps tired, which told Daniel that it was as good a time as ever. "Roll over?" he tried, and to his surprise, the dragon followed his command. Almost. It flopped heavily onto its side, the impact making the whole garage vibrate, and if Daniel didn't know any better he could've sworn the beast was grinning at him, making everything as easy as possible so he'd not have an excuse. Let's see. Do I show it some dragon **** or what? Maybe gay dragon ****? Daniel knelt next to his new pet, and he stared at its underside, a little unsure of what he was looking for. Sure, he'd wanted to own a dragon, but that didn't mean that he actually knew anything about their anatomy. Between its hind legs was a small slit in the protective scales, and assuming that this wasn't a hen that they'd somehow mixed up with the male he was meant to get, that had to be where its cock was hiding. The dragon, for its part, only gave a little grumble as Daniel pulled on a pair of gloves and went to work, tracing his fingers along the slit. Nothing happened. "Well, I'm going to have to harvest your cum somehow," he said out loud, half-way hoping that he'd ended up with a particularly well-trained dragon. "Just imagine a dragoness in heat?" Suddenly he felt something warm and firm push against his gloved hands, a sensation that actually made the young man gasp with surprise. Sure enough, the dragon's shaft was slowly peeking out, swelling against his palms. So, did that mean it understood him, or was it just a delayed reaction to his fondling? Either way, Daniel quickly produced a small vial, squeezing it between his legs as he stroked the dragon to full hardness. No big deal. The actual farmers probably do this every day. You can do it too. Totally normal. Especially being that you're going to have his eggs, Danny, he told himself, trying as hard as he could to not think about how *** the dragon's cock was, how it throbbed in his grasp, and least of all that rather pleasant musky aroma of draconic arousal that filled his nostrils. The dragon's haunches twitched in what seemed like pleasure, and that earlier grumbling had been replaced by a deep, growly purr, and it raised a leg to give Daniel better access to its now rock-hard length. "Well, I guess you've been pretty pent up," Daniel sighed, wrapping both hands around its cock and pumping them up and down the slick, firm flesh. He could understand being pent up and needing relief, any man could. There was, granted, still the fact that he was giving a dragon a handjob which was far less relatable, but the thought of how much money he could earn for a few moments of discomfort egged him on. Daniel felt something wet dribble over his hands. Precum, he quickly realized, and after another quick look he confirmed it. The great scaly beast was leaking all over his hands, clearly enjoying the attention. Better that than biting his head off for doing it, Daniel supposed, and continued stroking. Despite the perversion of it all there was a certain, perhaps not excitement, but satisfaction in managing to pleasure a creature so much stronger than him. Soon, it was gently humping into Daniel's grasp. The scent, though, was more invasive. The dragon smelled musky, in an earthy, spicy way. Pheromones, probably. It was pleasant enough, though thankfully it had no effect on Daniel. It only made sense, with him being a human and all. If this was all he had to do to start building his fortune, he decided that he didn't mind it. The dragon's cock had meaty, squishy ridges on it, and squeezing on them made the great beast quiver, so that's what Daniel did. He pressed his fingers firmly against the flaring ridges each time his hands moved out, doing his best to simulate how being buried inside a willing breeder might feel. Chances were that this dragon had mounted more hens than it could remember, but that didn't seem to impact the pleasure it felt any. Soon, the dragon was huffing and growling, its thrusts growing most insistent. Daniel felt the cock swell in his hands and, recognizing the very familiar signs of a fellow male about to reach his peak, quickly pressed the vial against the leaking tip, ready to catch the first shot of cum, rapidly pumping his free hand up and down the twitching shaft. With a pleasured grunt, the dragon came. It was sudden; with a heavy jerk of his cock, Daniel suddenly found his hand coated in thick, almost scalding *** white cum. The vial was instantly filled, and then rest splattered over the floor and the dragon itself, as the beast tensed and quivered with each orgasmic spasm. A third thick, plentiful rope of cum erupted from its cock and splashed over Daniel's chest, and with a shiver that was equally disgusted and oddly aroused, he scooped up enough of it to fill another vial. Dragons were very productive, as it turned out. A few more ropes spurted out, and then its climax ebbed, leaving the last droplets of seed oozing out along its quickly retreating shaft. The dragon closed its eyes and laid down with what could only be described as a satisfied smirk, leaving Daniel feeling rather filthy, coated in cum as he was, and with the entire task of cleaning his to perform. On the positive side, it certainly seemed like the mule, old as he was, still had plenty to give. Whatever hen Daniel eventually found him would probably be very happy with its stud. He took a moment to admire the vials he'd filled; the dragon's cum was pearly, and there was something about knowing how that white, thick goop could sire a whole clutch of eggs inside someone that was strangely awe-inspiring. Especially knowing that he'd be injecting it into himself, and then it'd just... somehow happen. Assuming that the wizard wasn't about to scam him out of what little money he had left, anyway. That was all he needed, regardless. He picked up a couple of rags and soaked up most of the dragon's cum from both the floor and his own chest, before returning to his computer to finally book the appointment with that damned wizard. As it turned out, he was immediately available, as long as Daniel made the journey. Not too far away, maybe an hour by foot, which was good because Daniel didn't quite feel confident enough to try riding his new dragon yet, even if their brief "milking" had probably done wonders for bonding. He made his way there. An uneventful walk to a small cottage in the forest, with smoke billowing out from a crooked chimney. He was greeted not by a professional-looking academy mage, but a half-crazed hedge wizard with a long-tattered beard. "Ah! My customer! My first customer in weeks!" he greeted Daniel. "Did you bring the reagents? I have a whole new theory on how to alter them!" "Um, yes, I did. So you've done this before?" Daniel asked, handing over the bag. "Well, of course I have. Lots of dragon breeders work like this. I had a couple once where both the husband and wife did it so they could produce more eggs with their dragon. Went a bit overboard, though. They decided they'd rather both partner up with the drake, and then..." he trailed off. "Well, that's not important." He held the bag up towards a candle as if to inspect the contents, and then the vial. "Mm. This should do the trick. Give me just a moment," he said, with barely concealed excitement, and then dumped both the bag and a vial into an alembic. A cloud of smoke, or maybe evaporated water from the cum immediately billowed out to condense in the other half of the device. The wizard tapped it a few times with a crystal, and then poured in something more from a vial of his own. It's not too late to back out, you know. Before you go ingesting whatever insane back-alley drugs this wizard is making. For all you know, that's exactly what it is. And then he'll show up at night to film you with the mule, Daniel thought as he watched. He couldn't tell if the wizard knew what he was doing, or if every step of the process was completely improvised, but slowly, a thick black goop was collecting in the end of the alembic, viscous enough that it didn't even stir when tapped by the crystal. "Ah, yes. This should be extra potent. You'll be a great breeder," he exclaimed, exuberantly. "Now, there's just the small matter of my payment..." Daniel sighed and measured out enough coin from his poor, slim purse to pay for the "treatment", still questioning if he was being unusually stupid or if he was about to become a millionaire. The wizard, for his part, collected the black, supposedly transformative goo into another vial that he then handed to Daniel in exchange for the coins. "So, what do I do with this?" Daniel asked. "Well, you drink it. Of course. And then you simply inseminate yourself. A few hours later. The results should be better if you let the dragon mate with you. It should allow for that too, and I hear it's a rather pleasurable experience," the wizard explained. He kept licking his lips as he spoke, which was more than a little unnerving. "N-no thanks, I think I'll just settle for the insemination. And only once," Daniel countered. He slid the vial into a pocket. "Sure, sure. That's what they all say! But then why does everyone come back for more?" the wizard cackled. "Either way, enjoy. I do hope it all works out. Please do report to me with the results, if you have the time." Daniel couldn't possibly leave the strange man quickly enough, and he half-jogged most the way back home. There was still a distinct possibility that he had been scammed, and the only way to know for sure was to drink the disgusting-looking potion. It felt warm and heavy in his hand, as if the crazed wizard had actually managed to somehow concentrate the things Daniel had brought him. And that meant that the black liquid was, at least in some part, dragon cum. By the time Daniel had made it back home, his rational side was practically screaming at him. This was an incredibly bad idea, wasn't it? For the last time, just sell the mule and invest that money in something sane, he told himself, in no uncertain terms. But he'd already gone this far, hadn't he? If he didn't take this opportunity, it meant he'd given the dragon a handjob for nothing. Daniel closed the door behind him, uncorked the vial and brought it up to his nose. The contents smelled somewhat like tar, a burnt forest, with the slightest hint of the same spicy musk the dragon had smelled of earlier. Last chance to back out, now. He touched the vial to his lips, and then tilted it into his mouth. The mixture was thick and sticky, and it tasted like charcoal, but with the help of a glass of water, hurriedly poured, Daniel just barely managed to swallow it all. He felt the faintest twinge of warmth somewhere in his belly as he sat down, waiting for something to happen. How would he know if it worked at all? Should've probably asked the wizard about that, smart boy. Daniel twiddled his thumbs, waiting - but he didn't have to wait for long. Suddenly his stomach cramped, hard, and the young man doubled over with a groan. It felt like his insides were shifting, heating up, squirming around in his lower belly. The heat spread from there and downwards, to his cock - which sprung to full hardness rather eagerly - and then up his spine as a faint tingling. It reached his neck, then his head, and... nothing, except for a mild feeling of relaxation and horniness. Was that it? Was he ready for dragon eggs now? He stood up, experimentally. Nothing really felt different, right off the bat. There was a metallic taste left on his tongue where the mixture had touched it, though, and after a few more moments of thought, Daniel realized he was feeling a little hungry. For what, he wasn't sure, though he found himself absent-mindedly chewing on a key, enjoying the taste of it while staring into his fridge. It wasn't until his eyes fell on a half-eaten chicken he'd cooked the other day that he figured out what he wanted. Daniel was suddenly drooling as he tore the meat off a leg so he could chew on the bone itself. Calcium. For the eggs, he figured. Only makes sense. The transformation wasn't quite finished yet, of course. A more responsible wizard, or maybe even a doctor, would've likely told Daniel to not stand up for a few hours after ingesting the potion. Of course, a true professional would've told him not to ingest it in the first place, but that wasn't advice he'd have been willing to hear regardless. Thus unprepared, when the bones in his hips suddenly cracked, seemingly all at once, he fell backwards onto the floor and hit his head against the hardwood with enough force to make him see stars. Daniel clutched at his hips, which suddenly felt a little wider than they had before. So it's easier to lay eggs. Though as far as he could tell, he remained fully male, there was no denying that his hips had a feminine swell to them, now. Great. Groaning, Daniel stood up again. He sat down by the kitchen table, digging up a turkey baster from one of his drawers and filling it with the contents of the second vial. The draconic sperm was still warm, as if it'd only recently been spilled, and this time - when the scent of it wafted to his nose - Daniel realized that his cock was rock hard again. The white goop seemed oddly desirable all of a sudden, as if his body yearned for it. Thoughts of himself prone underneath his mule, being filled with cum, and then swollen with eggs flooded his half-dazed mind, and his ass clenched eagerly in response. Daniel screwed his eyes shut, not wanting to think about the implications of what he'd just done to himself, and tugged his pants down just enough to press the baster against his pucker. He felt slick down there. Don't think about it. Just do it. Get it over with, he admonished himself. He'd figure out a way to get back to normal, or at least some way to never have to do this again once he'd laid his first clutch. The baster slipped inside, heavy and warm with a virile cargo of draconic swimmers inside it, and his body growing even hotter around it. His mouth felt dry, and he hesitated one last time. He'd gone this far, though. The potion hadn't been cheap. And he was already changed to some degree, so there was no harm in actually going through with it and reaching his goals. Before he could think twice, he pressed the bulb hard, and felt a muted squirt of heat deep inside him. Almost immediately, Daniel let out a gasp as a deep satisfaction rolled over him, a pleasant warm glow suffusing him as his changed body responded to being seeded. His cock throbbed heavily, a few drops of clear precum dripping from the tip. Panting, he quickly reached for the vial, filled the baster with the rest of it, and squirted it inside him to join the rest. The sweet, tingly warmth was even more intense this time, and Daniel couldn't help but clasp his fingers around his twitching cock. Being filled with cum felt good. Too good. It immediately made him want more, and his traitorous thoughts drifted to the dragon mule again. He'd only briefly entertained the thought of letting it mount him before; an invasive thought, more than anything. But suddenly, knowing that its sperm was already inside him, seeking to knock him up, made him feel weak at the knees, a pleasurable little shiver going through his body as those new and odd draconic instincts of offering himself to his mate tugged on his very being. After all, why not? His ass clenched again. Daniel grit his teeth. If he ever met that wizard again he'd have some stern words with him. While someone might've guessed that becoming part dragon caused him to be attracted to dragon, Daniel had assumed all the changes were limited to just his body. Well, he'd find pride in resisting it, no matter how relaxed and tingly the cum in his body made him feel. Over the next few weeks, everything was business as usual; the feeling of satisfaction had faded, and Daniel could only trust that he'd been successfully fertilized. He felt no different, but dragons were infamously extremely potent. If someone they squirted their seed into was fertile at all, the success rate was nearly perfect. He found himself rubbing his belly while working, almost affectionately, excited to see it grow just like a dragoness might be, which was a little worrisome. There was also the issue of how incredibly horny he felt at almost all times. Thoughts of submitting to his dragon and simply getting fucked filled every idle moment, and the fantasy of letting it breed him slowly became all that he ever masturbated to. It took a few weeks, but one day, when he was feeding his mule, the beast's demeanour seemed different. Normally, it stared at him like a cat would, with a kind of aloof curiosity, but that day something seemed to catch its attention. Daniel caught it sniffing the air, a faint glimmer of understanding in its slitted eyes, and then, as he was refilling the water trough he'd set up, he suddenly felt a massive snout press against his side. It was nuzzling at his belly with an appreciative, throaty purr. The dragon knew what he'd done, Daniel realized, and could probably smell that he was pregnant with its clutch. It felt almost reassuring. From that point on, the dragon's demeanour changed completely. It greeted him warmly each time he came into the garage, and protectively placed itself between Daniel and others each time they went outside, keeping an alert eye on their surroundings to make sure he was safe. Sure enough, just a few days after that first reaction, he woke up to find his belly noticeably swollen. It'd happened almost overnight as the eggs grew more rapidly towards the end. He felt oddly maternal, almost, when his pregnancy became undeniable. All manner of unfamiliar instincts were at work within him, from wanting to protect the eggs and keep himself safe for their sake, to having an even greater yearning to chew on metals and bones. Calcium pills worked well enough, being that the shells probably consisted mostly of that. More and more, he also opted to sleep with the dragon rather than in his own bed. It seemed to just make his sleep deeper, safe in the subconscious knowledge that the male was there to protect the eggs. Laying the eggs - which happened a few weeks later - was a much more shocking experience. Daniel woke up with a stomach ache which only grew worse over time. Only when he started cramping did he realize that his body wanted to lay the eggs, but he had no idea how it'd go. He stumbled into the garage again, and found that the mule had gathered blankets and other debris into a kind of nest. It nodded towards it, and Daniel followed its advice, getting rid of his clothes as he moved. The old dragon had probably seen dozens if not hundreds of hens lay their eggs, so any "advice" of his was more than welcome. He attempted to squat - the most natural position for this, surely - but the drake quickly pushed Daniel flat onto his back and then curled up around him to support. It took a few more agonizing minutes of cramping and feeling like his insides were twisting around themselves before the sense of pressure started to abate, instead replaced by a heavy feeling of fullness that moved towards his ass. This is it. Just do this and you'll be ready to move on with your life. Daniel closed his eyes and let his body do what it wanted. The dragon rumbled encouragingly as the pressure moved down his body until it finally, with a heavy groan from the human, popped out. Immediately, another egg began to move through him before he had any chance to relax and recover. He did, however, manage to raise his head enough to see it. Not much bigger than a baseball, but leathery in the same way lizard eggs were. His egg. Their egg. The sight of it filled him with the same kind of prideful warmth a new mother might feel upon holding her baby for the first time. Only his "baby" wasn't human. It'd grow up to be a dragon. Daniel suddenly felt like he couldn't think clearly, his very sense of identity in turmoil as he continued laying eggs, an act that became easier with each one that popped out of him, until only one remained, slowly pushing through him. If he laid dragon eggs - gave birth to dragons - then wasn't he a dragon too? No. Silly thought. Just get it over with, he admonished himself, focusing on the very last egg - and then blushing as he realized he'd gotten incredibly hard from how they'd massaged his insides on the way out. With that realization, a sense of arousal followed; the last egg, as it stretched his increasingly cloaca-like pucker, nearly made him cum, had he not been so exhausted. He counted six eggs in total, and already thinking about how much profit he could make, the tired human slumped against the protective drake and dozed off. Maybe he'd just have one more clutch. That was the thought that kept coming back to him in the following days after that strange experience, no matter how much he tried to push it away. That way he'd have a bit of a head start, right? Plenty of dragons to sell so he could buy a suitable hen for his mate- his pet, Daniel reasoned. It hadn't been unpleasant at all, anyway. In fact, he felt a little empty now that the first clutch of eggs had been laid, and the same warmth he'd felt when he'd first imbibed the potion was suffusing through him again. His ass, which resembled a cloaca more than a regular human ass now, was extremely sensitive to the touch, and some scales had grown around his back. The hunger had returned too, and he'd ended up ordering bonemeal and a few lumps of raw iron ore to chew on while working. His teeth had grown hard enough that he could manage, and since his stomach wasn't upset, he had to assume that his digestive system has become more like that of a dragon too. Maybe one day he'd be able to afford chewing precious gems or metals. He dreamt of having a hoard of shiny things to lounge on while heavy with another clutch, of encrusting himself with gold and jewels, and those fantasies all but replaced his original goals of having a farm or simply making money. The signs were all there. Each time he did something dragonlike, whether it was getting bred or laying eggs, the transformation continued. The thing was that it felt good. Or at least, Daniel had managed to convince himself of that much. Each time he got aroused that fog set on his mind again, leaving him hopelessly attracted to the mule to the point that is body was practically begging him to let the dragon breed him, and properly. With its ridged cock inside him, throbbing and jerking as it filled him to the brim with seed, and then eggs. Nothing he did helped. Masturbating only took the edge off for a few hours, and that was how he'd eventually decided to inseminate himself again. That should do it, surely, and he'd already given the dragon a handjob, after all. When he entered the garage the following night, the dragon was already up and waiting for him, and Daniel's body grew flush and warm seeing him, smelling that musky scent that lingered in the air. He couldn't deny that his attractions had shifted, at least when he was in "heat" or whatever it was that was happening to him, but the dragon looked sexy. His powerful haunches, those elegant curved horns, the shimmer of his scales; it'd stolen away the attractions that'd normally be reserved for other humans. The sight of him made Daniel's mouth dry up and his body shiver. Then, his eyes - with natural instincts - dipped down, and he noticed that the dragon was already fully hard, its crimson shaft hard as steel, jutting out from that slit, and glistening wet with precum. Daniel bit his lip. Maybe he smelled of a draconic heat. That had to be it. But there was no denying that his presence was causing it. He was all hard and ready to mate just for him. It all cascaded from that point on; if they were both attracted to each other, there'd be no shame in following through, was there? He was part dragon now, after all, and clearly they both needed it. Yes, of course they did. In fact, the thought of even getting him a different hen sparked a flame of jealousy inside Daniel. He wanted all of the dragon's eggs. As if sensing that its mate was starting to warm up to the idea, his black dragon walked up to him to nose at him, first his chest and then his belly, and then those hips that seemed to have grown a little wider yet after laying the first clutch of many. It nudged at him insistently, cock bobbing beneath its frame with each step as it tried to guide him into position. Oh, screw it. I need this. I deserve this. With a breathy moan, Daniel pulled his pants down and let the dragon manoeuvre him onto all fours, into presenting his changed ass for mating. He felt it twitch with desire, and a trickle of clear lust dribbled down his thigh as the beast hunched down over him. He was actually getting wet from all of it, just like... just like a dragoness. With their size difference, a less intelligent animal might've struggled to successfully mount him, but the old dragon was both patient and smart, and evidently eager to give the human a proper breeding. Yes, Daniel was male, physically, but the dragon didn't mind in the first place, and the winking, soaked cloaca between his cheeks was rather feminine regardless. Not to mention that, though human, he'd begun to smell like a dragoness in heat when fertile, which would sooner or later attract some other drake seeking to mate with him, unless already pregnant. A blessing that the dragon was more than willing to grant him. Daniel gasped as the dragon's surprisingly nimble forepaw wrapped around his waist, tugging his rump up towards it, and then he felt it, the searing heat of its cock slapping against his ass, sliding between his cheeks. It triggered some instinctive need inside him, equally heated and wanting, drowning out all doubt about what he was doing in a haze of carnal need. He thrust back up against the dragon reflexively and let out another deep breathy gasp as the tip of its enormous cock pressed against his pucker, the tapered and warm cockhead nudging into his hole. Normally, it'd have been an almost impossible fit, but thanks to the transformation-widened hips - and the fact that is ass was halfway to a true draconic ***, now - the tip managed to spear into him. It was immediate bliss. Every nerve in Daniel's body was suddenly alight with pleasure as he spasmed around the dragon's cock. The depravity of what he was doing was a distant concern. Daniel could feel himself stretching to fit his mate's shaft, bare and bestial and about to fuck him full of eggs, and that was all that mattered. His own cock twitched wildly as the first of those meaty ridges pushed into him, guided by a gentle buck of the dragon's haunches, and he let out an almost animalistic snarl of pleasure himself as it soon pressed against his prostate. He was made for this, came a dim lustful realization, and with it, a submissive moan. The dragon took that as a sign that he was ready, and began to rut into him slowly, growling with dominant, possessive pleasure at finally being able to properly claim the human. Daniel was quickly submerged in utter bliss. Sure, he'd had *** before, but none of it held a candle to the beautiful ecstasy of a draconic heat being sated the proper, natural way. He found himself growling, clawing at the floor and meeting the dragon's thrusts, clenching and squeezing around him with muscles he didn't even know he had. While his mind might've been out of commission, his new body - especially the changed, wet, and needy parts of it - knew exactly what it needed. He was going to tease the dragon's seed out of its cock and into him, where it could once again make his belly swell with eggs. Just the fantasy of it alone made him drool with desire and pleasure, panting heavily at the mere thought of being properly seeded and claimed. Satisfied that Daniel wasn't hurt, the beast sped up its thrusts, rocking into his fertile body with insistent, slapping thumps while holding him still with that free paw, making sure that he didn't collapse or slump down. Slowly but surely, they both worked their way towards the inevitable end of their mating, and soon Daniel felt its cock swell up and expand inside him, the flares making it seemingly difficult for the dragon to pull out at all. This was it. This was what he wanted. Daniel thrust back as hard as he could, moaning out shamelessly as he felt the dragon hilt inside him. A few more frantic, quivering thrusts followed, and then the beast roared with triumphant pleasure. Time seemed to slow down as Daniel felt its cock jerk inside him, hard, straining against the inner walls of his draconic *** before a sudden heat filled him, and he was gone in an instant, swept away to that happy, wet, and sticky place of a sated heat. His belly bloated with rope after rope of cum. He's cumming inside me. Filling me. Claiming me as his dragoness. Oh, gods, breed me! Daniel never even noticed that he moaned that last part out loud, not as his own orgasm overtook him with his body responding greedily to the blossoming heat of dragon-sperm inside him. His body spasmed around its cock in ways he'd never felt before, like his whole body was orgasming rather than just his cock. He was milking his feral mate, and his body was drinking that seed greedily, drawing the virile draconic swimmers deep into his body where they could knock him up once again, and leave him round with eggs. He floated on those clouds of bliss for what seemed like a very long time, barely thinking at all, revelling and wallowing in the feeling of heat inside him, and that ineffable satisfaction. When reality began to set in again, he didn't want to acknowledge it at first, none of those nagging questions about what he'd just done. Oh gods, what have I gotten myself into, Daniel lamented, when he was eventually forced back into a more conscious state. The clarity was brief but overwhelming. He'd just mated with a dragon, and was no doubt pregnant, or at least he would be in a few moments. He could practically imagine the dragon's sperm rushing up whatever his body looked like inside, and he'd let it happen, practically begged for it. The whole act was so perverted, and yet... it felt right. Still, being cuddled up to a dragon and dripping with his seed was more than a little strange. The changed parts of his mind, along with the dragon hormones filling his body were in constant conflict with his old, human side. There was nothing wrong with it. He was dragon enough. This wasn't some perverted urge, it was natural, Daniel told himself, perhaps trying to distract himself from the catastrophic turn of events to quiet down the voice inside him that told him he'd gone way too far. What he really needed to do was to get more eggs. If he was going to do this regularly, he might as well. He quickly sent the wizard a message asking if he had anything that'd let him get even more pregnant. The reply was quick. Apparently, he did. In stock, even, and he was happy to part with that potion for free in the name of greater understanding of how his "therapy" worked. Daniel swallowed, hard, already picturing himself so pregnant that he could barely move at all. That was his rightful place, wasn't it? Exactly what his beautiful mate deserved. Before he could correct that thought he was already dressed and out the door, headed towards the damned wizard's home again, practically shivering with anticipation once more. They didn't exchange any words. The wizard had only smiled at him before handing him the potion, which Daniel chugged without as much as asking about it. Immediately, the transformation began again, but stronger this time; the wonderful glow was back and growing inside him, a heat beginning anew and then immediately sated by the draconic seed still sloshing in his hidden womb. With that, he let go of all reservations. He was already pregnant, there was no harm in letting his dragon fuck him some more. That night, and many following nights, he simply chose to let the mule mount him again and again, moaning in delight as that ridged cock pushed into him again, blanking his mind out with pleasure and filling him with the sticky heat his body craved, leaving him addled and very satisfied. Sure, each time he came, there was a brief window of clarity - or perhaps, anxiety - over what he was doing. There was no denying it, he thought, feeling the mule's thick breeding rod throbbing inside him, followed by that comfortable, thick eruption of seed inside him. They were mating purely for pleasure. But then, as the pleasured, pregnant haze set in again only a few moments later, he found himself wistfully stroking his distended belly, overfull with dragon eggs thanks to the fertility potion he'd drank. It kept him happy, and it kept the mule even happier, so over time it became second nature to simply offer his cloaca-like ass to the drake each time he felt horny, all thoughts of getting another dragoness for him to rut long since vanished from his mind. When their offspring hatched, they turned out to be surprisingly smart, with a combination of draconic cunning with an uncanny intelligence. As they were equally happy to serve as mounts when fully grown, which quickly made them rather popular. Many showed an interest in seeing just who Daniel's breeder pair were, but he in turn declined all such requests, calling it a trade secret. In a way, he'd achieved his goals. He had a dragon farm. He'd just never imagined himself being the hen, having to wear long-sleeved shirts in public to hide the scales slowly spreading over his torso, and usually dripping with draconic cum regardless of where he went. Not that it was necessarily all bad, though. It turned out that the mule, though old by human standards, was a very attentive and loving mate, all too happy to provide what he could for the human who ended up unwittingly becoming his breeding hen.