![FDP Mold Remediation](https://i.imgur.com/bITJFoB.png) # HOW MOLD SPREADS? Mold spores float through the air and land on surfaces. In order to grow, mold needs food and water. Mold can grow on almost any type of surface, including wood, paper, carpet, food, and insulation. ## How mold spores contamine premises? Mold spores are found both indoors and outdoors. Mold spores are invisible to the naked eye and can float through the air. When mold spores land on a wet or damp surface, they may start to grow. ## What are the health effects of mold exposure? Mold can cause a variety of health problems, including runny nose, sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, and difficulty breathing. Some people are allergic to mold and can have more severe reactions, including skin rashes, fever, and shortness of breath. People with weakened immune systems, such as those with cancer or HIV, may be at increased risk for more serious reactions. ## How can you prevent mold growth in your home? The best way to prevent mold growth is to control moisture and water in your home. Some tips to help you do this include: - Fix any leaks in your home as soon as possible. - Use a dehumidifier to reduce humidity in your home. - Make sure your home has adequate ventilation, especially in areas that tend to be damp, such as the bathroom and kitchen. - Wipe up any water spills immediately. - Do not carpet areas that tend to be damp ## What to do when mold is already found? If mold is already present in your home, you should clean it up as soon as possible to prevent health problems. Some tips to help you clean up mold include: - Wear gloves and a mask to avoid breathing in mold spores. - Use a damp cloth to wipe up mold. - Throw away any moldy materials, such as rags, carpeting, or drywall. - If the area is larger than 10 square feet, you should call a professional to clean mold up. Read more at: [https://www.fdpmoldremediation.com/blog/understanding-how-mold-spreads-in-house.aspx](https://www.fdpmoldremediation.com/blog/understanding-how-mold-spreads-in-house.aspx) --- ### FDP Mold Remediation [https://www.fdpmoldremediation.com](https://www.fdpmoldremediation.com) Tel: [877-421-2614](tel:877-421-2614)