I'd like to try something with you To see if I can teach you a new trick I think you'll enjoy the process, pet After all, you love to feel owner's control And you love feeling like a good pet So I want you to close your eyes And take a deep breath in Now remember that feeling when your body and mind Are relaxing and surrendering, warm and tingly Remembering that feeling means You are accepting owner's control, safe and comforting Now raise your right hand slightly So it's hovering about an inch above That's right, raise the whole arm now just look at your hand... focus on that hand..... notice that the hand is moving very slightly.... very slightly upward.... that's right it's moving upwards beginning to move. It's lifting, rising and floating and with each movement you feel it getting lighter and lighter... moving up all the time.... gently moving.... rising... All those muscles moving under my control, by my words And now as that hand keeps getting lighter, you are drifting for me Effortlessly, feeling so natural More and more fuzzy and spaced out And in just a few moments, you'll fully enter trance That hand will drop soon, and with it you'll drop deep into trance for me.