(6.0 Trait) Mysterious Power - Favored Weapon: Mystic Description: A deep connection is formed, allowing the weapon to act as a focus for their wielder’s Spiritual Power instead of being one of pure physicality. They are marked as such with a notable crystalline appearance. This, however, doesn’t change the base function of the weapon for someone not bonded in such a way. Effect: Allows a weapon to be marked, granting only to its bonded owner the ability to swap their Spirit attribute for Strength for the purposes of determining weapon damage. Doing so changes the damage done by the weapon from Physical to Magical in nature and grants customs created for this weapon (and this weapon alone) one (1) free element of choice.  - In marking a weapon, its effective augment/enchantment slots are zero and cannot be utilized in any way, shape or form. It can still be refined (Tempering, Aerodynamic Refinement, Special Refinements) according to normal procedures, however any enchantments on a weapon prior to being marked will not function, and augmentations that require a slot cannot be added. In the case of a weapon that has an augmentation that utilizes a slot, that weapon cannot be marked.   - At 2500 Exp, the bond between Aurana and Dawnbringer is enhanced, awakening more of the blade’s potential. She may choose to mark Dawnbringer as her Fons Magi, becoming the medium by which she casts all her spells and aids in spell defense. (Feat) Mysterious Power: By the Blade Aurana’s devotion to Sword Magic yields an even deeper connection with their Favored Weapon, fortified by the belief in their creed, "Live by the Blade, Die by the Blade" Effect: On a successful cover type defense, Aurana gains a charge that resides within her blade, up to a maximum of her Sword Skill / 5. These charges can be spent in the place of MP to fuel Sword Magicks (Sword skill custom attacks) at a rate of one level for one charge. Should her weapon be broken or re-forged, all charges residing in the blade are lost.  At 2500 Exp, Aurana’s charge reserve deepens as she invests more of herself within the blade, increasing by two as long as Dawnbringer remains marked by Fons Magi. Proposed Conversion Mysterious Power - Mystic Blade (Dawnbringer) Description: A deep connection is formed between blade and master, allowing its wielder to channel their spiritual power through the weapon in the place of their physical strength. Such a weapon can be identified by the crystalline appearance it takes on in the hands of its master. A Mystic Blade only functions as a spiritual focus for the one it is bonded to, and serves as a normal weapon for any other wielder. Effect: When marked as a Mystic Blade, the bonded wielder may swap their Spirit attribute for their Strength for the purposes of determining weapon damage, changing the damage type from physical to magical in nature. Switching between physical and magical damage requires downtime to complete the lengthy meditation process needed to change attunement. Additionally, this also allows for creating custom "Sword Magic" attacks that may add a single elemental damage type for free, requiring the bonded weapon to use. - At 2000 Exp, a spiritual reserve is created and resides within the blade, allowing for "Sword Magics" to be fueled by charges when available. This reserve has a charge capacity equal to the wielder's Weapon Proficiency: Swords skill level. A single charge is gained when a cover type action is successful and is held until used, the weapon is reforged, or the weapon is destroyed. Charges may be used 1:1 based on the level of "Sword Magic" being fueled (ie: 3 charges for a level 3 "Sword Magic"), and only if enough charges are available to fuel the entire attack cost. - At 2500 Exp, the spiritual connection deepens between the Mystic Blade and their master, granting an accuracy bonus to spells cast equal to Sword Skill level as well as increasing the charge reserve capacity by 2. The Mystic Blade becomes a required focus to cast spells henceforth.